Another Successful Wedding with Vapes

We do at least two weddings a week and we throw all kinds of outrageous suggestions out there, and being that we are in America, a lot of people are very open to these crazy ideas. So we have continued to use some of the hookah vapes as gifts to the attendees. A lot of people of course were curious as to what they were and what they did. So we had our DJ give an introduction to the product and a quick run-through with how to use them, and the safety of using them.

fantasia e hookah nicotine free shisha

The attendees were all very impressed with the product and had really enjoyed it throughout the course of the event. Some people even came up to the DJ booth and asked where they could get some for themselves. The main supplier that we have been using for these products were from: — We have also tried other suppliers as well, but none of the prices were as good as these guys.

There were also some people who were very familiar with the products and have purchased from DryHerbVape before. They also use the dry herb vaporizers that are offered at the website. The purpose of the dry herb vaporizers is for burning and vaporizing herbs, which the e hookah pens do not do. The purpose of the e shisha pens are for fun, and you can’t really put your own content into the pen. The pens come preloaded with delicious e-juices that are ready to be vaporized. They do not contain any drugs and are deemed safe to use by the FDA.

Some people have also asked if these products are electronic cigarettes, and in a sense they are, but they do not contain nicotine. Nicotine is a drug that is addictive and contained in tobacco. Obviously you will not need nicotine if you are not a smoker and we would not recommend using nicotine in any case. The hookah pens that are being sold on do not contain nicotine so there is no concern there.

Wedding Cake Baking

Baking your own wedding cake would be a very difficult task that most people would normally outsource. The main reason why they would outsource it is because it takes a long time to bake and create the cake and you already don’t have enough time when planning out your wedding. Secondly, it’s every woman’s dream to have the perfect wedding so they would want their cake to come out perfect!

wedding cake

If you do not have any prior experience to baking and creating baked art, this might not be the task for you. You might end up spending even more time than you had anticipated trying to get the cake to perfection last minute. Of course, the cake should be baked freshly prepared for the wedding and cannot be kept for an extended period of time. Therefore, the preparation of the cake should begin in the final week leading up to the wedding ceremony. You do however need a good mixer.

sponge cake

Because the wedding cake tends to be a very tall and layered cake, most people would assume you’d need a large convectional oven to bake it. This is false. Because the cake is layered, you can bake the cake by layers. If you can properly bake a round cake, you can make these layers. Most cakes are wedding cakes are sponge cakes. Being that they are sponge cakes, that means the amount of ingredients required is very few. You will only need eggs and flower to make the base of cake. Even though it does not require a lot of ingredients and that the ingredients are inexpensive to purchase, that does not mean that making a sponge cake is an easy task. The temperature and timing needs to be perfected and in accordance to the type of oven you use. The batter needs to be mixed to right amount of velocity. If you baked macarons before, you will kind of have an idea that baking is not an easy task, and that getting that perfect peak is difficult.

round layered cake

After getting your layers down and baking the sponge cake, you will need heavy cream to turn it into a frosting. You will need some cake making tools in order to properly cover your cake. Using a sandwich bag and filling it with whipped cream and cutting a hole on the corner can help you design the ribbons on edges of the cake. However, this can also be a difficult task but unlike the baking and battery process, you can redo the frosting several times.

Of course, as I’ve mentioned earlier, if you have no prior baking experience, I’d suggest that you get some assistance from someone who does know how to bake, or in the worst case scenarios, purchase one. Just be aware that wedding cakes could cost you over a thousand dollars.

Hookah Vapes as Wedding Favors

A surprisingly good wedding favor is the disposable vaporizer. We attended a wedding recently where a newly wed couple suggested that they offered e hookah pens as a favor and it was a very different and fun experience. Initially, we were unsure why they would give these as a gift to their attendees but after the party, we realized it was actually one of the better gifts. Here is what we know about the vapes.

Vaping is becoming a really popular activity among Americans of all ages. Not that vaping is always a good thing, but there are some vapes that do not affect your health or body. Such vaporizers include the Hookah Vapes. Unlike electronic cigarettes or the typical vaporizers that you are used to. Hookah vapes, which are sometimes known as electronic hookahs, do not contain even a remote amount of nicotine in them.

We have come to know of vaping as a cigarette smoking alternative and many people have turned to this new product as an attempt to kick the habit. However, there are also the pens that anyone can use even if they never smoked cigarettes before and they would not have to worry about the side effects of nicotine or how addictive it is. E hookah pens are completely safe to use and consists of mostly vegetable glycerin which is an organic material. I personally have used these pens and have seen people use them, and they are not a gateway to cigarettes and it doesn’t make you any more likely to smoke cigarettes.

You might wonder, why wouldn’t people be more likely to start smoking cigarettes because of these e shisha pens? Well, for one, they do not taste like burning tobacco (which is not a very tasty thing). E hookah pens often come in fruit flavors that anyone would enjoy. Secondly, because it is not smoke, your throat does not burn or feel strange from the usage. When you use electronic shisha pens, you are vaporizing liquids that are organic rather than smoking something that is burning.

What about people who are smoking? Would they be able to quit using this product? If they can use this without the need for the nicotine and still get the satisfaction out of it, then yes. There are cases where people were able to quit without any nicotine at all through the use of hookah vapes because it gives them the idea that they are actually smoking.

vapes vs cigs

These disposable hookah pens are very portable and you can dispose of them as soon as you’re finished with the juice. The great thing about this is that they cost cheaper than a bottle of e juice anyway and most hookah juices, so you get the vaporizer and the juice for one low price especially when you find brands such as Fantasia. There are many great flavors available when it comes to e liquids and it could range from anything between strawberry short cake to Doritos.

Of course, if you ever plan to give these out, give only the high quality ones that come with blister packaging. The ones with odd names and cool designs.

hookah vapes fantasia

Give Yourself Time to Plan your Wedding

wedding planning

The first and foremost “secret” for weddings is to plan ahead. Although this may not be a secret for most people there out there, I have seen plenty of couples plan their weddings very last minute. Last minute means within three months, which is surely not enough time to plan a wedding.

The first issue that you will face when planning late is the difficulty of finding a venue. Venues get booked up rapidly especially when the dates begin closing in on you. You will eventually be left with only very specific weekdays, meaning most people will have work and won’t be able to attend your event. However, even weekdays can be booked up for top venues, seasons, and when you get closer to the booking dates. People book venues for all different types of reasons, baby showers, parties, business seminars, and more. So it is your number one priority to start seeking out venues at least half a year ahead of time to ensure that you get the best pricing and the date that you want.

Planning a wedding early also gives you more time to adjust to the married life. People who tend to get married too fast and too soon, without any planning and actually getting used to it may find themselves having cold feet. If you allow yourself extra time with your significant other before actually getting married, then you give yourself the opportunity to strengthen the relationship, get to know one another better, and know for a fact that you even want to be married.

Another thing about venues is that you need to make sure that you can enjoy the food that the chefs and kitchen are able to produce there. Most people do not bring food into the venue from a different restaurant or kitchen. The menus are often limited and similar. However, there are outdoor buffets that you can set up for a great social experience.

wedding buffet setup

Another tip is that with your extra allotted time, which most people will tell you is not a lot of time anyway, you can source out the best pricing for everything ranging from decorations to DJ’s.

Baking Equipment & Supplies

Baking is no walk in the park, and when people say easy like cake, I think they’re making a reference to eating the cake. To begin to learn how to bake, you will need some equipment before you can get started and I will go through some of the equipment that you will need.

1. Baking Pan – Needless to say, you will need something to bake on top of. Depending on what you are planning to bake will determine what type of pan you will need. If you are baking a round cake, there are deep dish cake baking pots. If you are baking cookies, you will need a long flat tray. Of course, there are many baking pans that you can use for multi-purposes. For example, if you use a flat baking pan, you can bake many types of pastries on it and you can also bake meats with it.

baking pan

2. Parchment Paper – This is used to place on top of your baking pan so that whatever you are baking does not stick to the pan. This is also a convenience factor because if you are baking batches using one or two pans, you can remove the whole batch by lifting the parchment paper. You will then place another sheet of parchment paper on top and place your next batch on top.

3. Whisk/Mixer – This is also very important though I would prefer the mixer over the manual hand whisk. This is because when you are mixing in bulk or for more pastries, you will need to mix your batter for an extended period of time which could be straining on your arms. I recommend the KitchenAid mixer which is a bit more expensive, but is well worth the price.

kitchen aid mixer

4. Measuring Cups/Spoons – You will need measuring cups and spoons of different sizes and measurements to ensure that you have the exact measurements. Sometimes, being off by just a little bit could make a big difference.

5. Convectional Oven – Most ovens at home will suffice, but if you are looking to bake professionally or at a professional level, you will need a good oven.

There are plenty of other accessories and equipment that you can get in order to bake the different types of pastries out there.